PDFRCW 90.64.190

Information subject to public records disclosureRules.

This section applies to dairies, AFOs, and CAFOs, not required to apply for a permit. Information in plans, records, and reports obtained by state and local agencies from livestock producers under chapter 510, Laws of 2005 regarding (1) number of animals; (2) volume of livestock nutrients generated; (3) number of acres covered by the plan or used for land application of livestock nutrients; (4) livestock nutrients transferred to other persons; and (5) crop yields shall be disclosable in response to a request for public records under chapter 42.56 RCW only in ranges that provide meaningful information to the public while ensuring confidentiality of business information. The department of agriculture shall adopt rules to implement this section in consultation with affected state and local agencies.
[ 2006 c 209 § 14; 2005 c 510 § 4.]