PDFRCW 90.66.050

Classes of permits for withdrawal of public waters for irrigation purposesConditionsRequirements.

After *the effective date of this act, all permits issued for the withdrawal of public waters for the purpose of irrigating agricultural lands shall be classified as follows and issued with the conditions set forth in this chapter:
(1) "Family farm permits". Such permits shall limit the use of water withdrawn for irrigation of agricultural lands to land qualifying as a family farm.
(2) "Family farm development permits". Such permits may be issued to persons without any limit on the number of acres to be irrigated during a specified period of time permitted for the development of such land into family farms and the transfer of the controlling interest of such irrigated lands to persons qualifying for family farm permits. The initial period of time allowed for development and transfer of such lands to family farm status shall not exceed ten years. Such time limit may be extended by the department for not to exceed an additional ten years upon a showing to the department that an additional period of time is needed for orderly development and transfer of controlling interests to persons who can qualify for family farm permits.
(3) "Publicly owned land permits". Such permits shall be issued only to governmental entities permitting the irrigation of publicly owned lands.
(4) "Public water entity permits". Such permits may be issued to public water entities under provisions requiring such public water entity, with respect to delivery of water for use in the irrigation of agricultural lands, to make water deliveries under the same provisions as would apply if separate permits were issued for persons eligible for family farm permits, permits to develop family farms, or for the irrigation of publicly owned land: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That such provisions shall not apply with respect to water deliveries on federally authorized reclamation projects if such federally authorized projects provide for acreage limitations in water delivery contracts.
[ 1979 c 3 s 5 (Initiative Measure No. 59, approved November 8, 1977).]


*Reviser's note: "the effective date of this act," see note following RCW 90.66.020.