Chapter 90.80 RCW



HTMLPDF 90.80.005Findings.
HTMLPDF 90.80.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 90.80.020Water conservancy boardsCreation.
HTMLPDF 90.80.030Petition for board creationRequired informationApproval or denialDescription of training requirements.
HTMLPDF 90.80.035Water conservancy boards for water resource inventory areasMulticounty water conservancy boardsPetition for creation.
HTMLPDF 90.80.040RulesMinimum training requirements and continuing education.
HTMLPDF 90.80.050Corporate powersBoard compositionMembers' terms, expensesAlternatesEligibility to be appointed.
HTMLPDF 90.80.055Additional board powers.
HTMLPDF 90.80.057Quorum.
HTMLPDF 90.80.060Board powersFunding.
HTMLPDF 90.80.065Dissolution of board.
HTMLPDF 90.80.070Applications for water transfersNoticeRecord of decisionReviewAlternate serving as commissioner.
HTMLPDF 90.80.080Records of decisionTransmittal to department and othersInternet postingReview.
HTMLPDF 90.80.090Appeals from director's decisions.
HTMLPDF 90.80.100Damages arising from records of decisions on transfersImmunity.
HTMLPDF 90.80.110Approval of interties.
HTMLPDF 90.80.120Conflicts of interest.
HTMLPDF 90.80.130Application of open public meetings act.
HTMLPDF 90.80.135Application of public records act.
HTMLPDF 90.80.140Transfers approved under chapter 90.03 or 90.44 RCW not affected.
HTMLPDF 90.80.150Information required to be maintained on the department's website.