PDFRCW 90.80.020

Water conservancy boardsCreation.

(1) The county legislative authority of a county may create a water conservancy board, subject to approval by the director, for the purpose of expediting voluntary water transfers within the county.
(2) A water conservancy board may be initiated by: (a) A resolution of the county legislative authority; (b) a resolution presented to the county legislative authority calling for the creation of a board by the legislative authority of an irrigation district, public utility district that operates a public water system, a reclamation district, a city operating a public water system, or a water-sewer district that operates a public water system; (c) a resolution by the governing body of a cooperative or mutual corporation that operates a public water system serving one hundred or more accounts; (d) a petition signed by five or more water rights holders, including their addresses, who divert water for use within the county; or (e) any combination of (a) through (d) of this subsection. The resolution or petition must state the need for the board, include proposed bylaws or rules and procedures that will govern the operation of the board, identify the geographic boundaries where there is an initial interest in transacting water sales or transfers, and describe the proposed method for funding the operation of the board.
(3) After receiving a resolution or petition to create a board, a county legislative authority shall determine its sufficiency. If the county legislative authority finds that the resolution or petition is sufficient, or if the county is initiating the creation of a board upon its own motion, it shall hold at least one public hearing on the proposed creation of the board. Notice of the hearing shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the county not less than ten days nor more than thirty days before the date of the hearing. The notice shall describe the time, date, place, and purpose of the hearing, as well as the purpose of the board. Following the hearing, the county legislative authority may adopt a resolution approving the creation of the board if it finds that the board's creation is in the public interest.
[ 1997 c 441 § 3.]