PDFRCW 90.80.030

Petition for board creationRequired informationApproval or denialDescription of training requirements.

(1) The county legislative authority shall forward a copy of the resolution or petition calling for the creation of the board, a copy of the resolution approving the creation of the board, and a summary of the public testimony presented at the public hearing to the director following the adoption of the resolution calling for the board's creation.
(2) The director shall approve or deny the creation of a board within forty-five days after the county legislative authority has submitted all information required under subsection (1) of this section. The director must determine whether the creation of the board would further the purposes of this chapter and is in the public interest. The director shall include a description of the necessary training requirements for commissioners in the notice of approval sent to the county legislative authority.
[ 1997 c 441 § 4.]