PDFRCW 90.82.043

Implementation plan.

(1) Within one year of accepting funding under RCW 90.82.040(2)(e), the planning unit must complete a detailed implementation plan. Submittal of a detailed implementation plan to the department is a condition of receiving grants for the second and all subsequent years of the phase four grant.
(2) Each implementation plan must contain strategies to provide sufficient water for: (a) Production agriculture; (b) commercial, industrial, and residential use; and (c) instream flows. Each implementation plan must contain timelines to achieve these strategies and interim milestones to measure progress.
(3) The implementation plan must clearly define coordination and oversight responsibilities; any needed interlocal agreements, rules, or ordinances; any needed state or local administrative approvals and permits that must be secured; and specific funding mechanisms.
(4) In developing the implementation plan, the planning unit must consult with other entities planning in the watershed management area and identify and seek to eliminate any activities or policies that are duplicative or inconsistent.
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