PDFWAC 51-11C-20216

Section C202.16P.

PERSONAL WIRELESS SERVICE FACILITY. A wireless communication facility (WCF), including a microcell, which is a facility for the transmission and/or reception of radio frequency signals and which may include antennas, equipment shelter or cabinet, transmission cables, a support structure to achieve the necessary elevation, and reception and/or transmission devices or antennas.
PHOTOSYNTHETIC PHOTON EFFICACY (PPE). Photosynthetic photon flux divided by input electric power in units of micromoles per second per watt, or micromoles per joule as defined by ANSI/ASABE S640.
POWERED ROOF/WALL VENTILATORS. A fan consisting of a centrifugal or axial impeller with an integral driver in a weather-resistant housing and with a base designed to fit, usually by means of a curb, over a wall or roof opening.
POWER-OVER-ETHERNET LIGHTING (POE). Lighting sources powered by DC current utilizing Ethernet cables.
PRIMARY STORAGE. Compressed air storage located upstream of the distribution system and any pressure flow regulators.
PROCESS APPLICATION. A manufacturing, industrial, or commercial procedure or activity where the primary purpose is other than conditioning spaces and maintaining comfort and amenities for the occupants of a building.
PROPOSED DESIGN. A description of the proposed building used to estimate annual energy use and carbon emissions from energy consumption for determining compliance based on total building performance and HVAC total performance ratio.
PUBLIC LAVATORY FAUCET. A lavatory faucet that is not intended for private use as defined by the Uniform Plumbing Code and that is supplied with both potable cold and hot water.
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