PDFWAC 51-11C-40221

Section C402.2.1Roof assembly.

C402.2.1Roof assembly. The minimum thermal resistance (R-value) of the insulating material installed either between the roof framing or continuously on the roof assembly shall be as specified in Table C402.1.3, based on construction materials used in the roof assembly.
1. Where tapered insulation is used with insulation entirely above deck, those roof assemblies shall show compliance on a U-factor basis per Section C402.1.4. The effective U-factor shall be determined through the use of Tables A102.2.6(1), A102.2.6(2) and A102.2.6(3).
2. Two layers of insulation are not required where insulation tapers to the roof deck, such as at roof drains. At roof drains, the immediate 24 inch by 24 inch plan area around each roof drain has a minimum insulation requirement of R-13, but otherwise is permitted to be excluded from the roof insulation area-weighted calculations.
C402.2.1.1 Minimum thickness, lowest point. The minimum thickness of above-deck roof insulation at its lowest point, gutter edge, roof drain or scupper, shall be not less than 1 inch (25 mm).
C402.2.1.2 Suspended ceilings. Insulation installed on suspended ceilings having removable ceiling tiles shall not be considered part of the minimum thermal resistance (R-value) of roof insulation in roof/ceiling construction.
C402.2.1.3 Skylight curbs. Skylight curbs shall be insulated to the level of roofs with insulation entirely above deck or R-5, whichever is less.
Unit skylight curbs included as a component of a skylight listed and labeled in accordance with NFRC 100 shall not be required to be insulated.
C402.2.1.4 Rooftop HVAC equipment curbs. Structural curbs installed to support rooftop HVAC equipment are allowed to interrupt the above roof insulation. The area under the HVAC equipment inside of the equipment curb shall be insulated to a minimum of R-13 in all locations where there are not roof openings for ductwork. The annular space between the roof opening and the ductwork shall be sealed to maintain the building air barrier. The plan-view area of the HVAC equipment curb shall be excluded from the prescriptive roof insulation requirements or the area-weighted component performance calculations.
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