PDFWAC 51-11C-40324

Section C403.2.4Variable flow capacity.

C403.2.4 Variable flow capacity. For fan and pump motors 5.0 hp and greater including motors in or serving custom and packaged air handlers serving variable air volume fan systems, constant volume fans, heating and cooling hydronic pumping systems, pool and service water pumping systems, domestic water pressure-booster systems, cooling tower fan, and other pump or fan motors where variable flows are required, there shall be:
1. Variable speed drives; or
2. Other controls and devices that will result in fan and pump motor demand of no more than 30 percent of design wattage at 50 percent of design air volume for fans when static pressure set point equals 1/3 the total design static pressure, and 50 percent of design water flow for pumps, based on manufacturer's certified test data. Variable inlet vanes, throttling valves (dampers), scroll dampers or bypass circuits shall not be allowed.
Variable speed devices are not required for motors that serve:
1. Fans or pumps in packaged equipment where variable speed drives are not available as a factory option from the equipment manufacturer.
2. Fans or pumps that are required to operate only for emergency fire-life-safety events (e.g., stairwell pressurization fans, elevator pressurization fans, fire pumps, etc.).
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