PDFWAC 51-11C-40410

Section C404.11Pools and spas.

C404.11 Energy consumption of pools and permanent spas. The energy consumption of pools and permanent spas shall be controlled by the requirements in Sections C404.11.1 through C404.11.4.
C404.11.1 Heaters. Pool water heaters using electric resistance heating as the primary source of heat are prohibited for pools over 2,000 gallons. Heat pump pool heaters shall have a minimum COP of 4.0 at 50°F (10°C) db, 44.2°F (6.8°C) wb outdoor air and 80°F (27°C) entering water, determined in accordance with AHRI 1160. Other pool heating equipment shall comply with the applicable efficiencies in Section C404.2.
The electric power to all heaters shall be controlled by an on-off switch that is an integral part of the heater, mounted on the exterior of the heater, or external to and within 3 feet of the heater in a location with ready access. Operation of such switch shall not change the setting of the heater thermostat. Such switches shall be in addition to a circuit breaker for the power to the heater. Gas-fired heaters shall not be equipped with constant burning pilot lights.
C404.11.2 Time switches. Time switches or other control method that can automatically turn off and on heaters and pump motors according to a preset schedule shall be installed for heaters and pump motors. Heaters and pump motors that have built-in time switches shall be in compliance with this section.
1. Where public health standards require 24-hour pump operation.
2. Pumps that operate solar- and waste-heat-recovery pool heating systems.
C404.11.3 Covers. Heated pools and permanent spas shall be provided with a vapor-retardant cover on or at the water surface. Pools heated to more than 90°F shall have a pool cover with a minimum insulation value of R-12, and the sides and bottom of the pool shall also have a minimum insulation value of R-12.
C404.11.4 Heat recovery. Heated indoor swimming pools, spas or hot tubs with water surface area greater than 200 square feet shall provide for energy conservation by an exhaust air heat recovery system that heats ventilation air, pool water or domestic hot water. The heat recovery system shall be configured to decrease the exhaust air temperature at design heating conditions (80°F indoor) by 36°F (10°C).
Pools, spas or hot tubs that include system(s) that provide equivalent recovered energy on an annual basis through one of the following methods:
1. Solar water heating systems not claimed in Section C406.5 or C407;
2. Dehumidification heat recovery;
3. Waste heat recovery; or
4. A combination of these system sources capable of and configured to provide at least 70 percent of the heating energy required over an operating season.
C404.12 Portable spas. The energy consumption of electric-powered portable spas shall be controlled by the requirements of APSP 14.
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