PDFWAC 51-11C-40413

Section C404.13Service water pressure-booster systems.

C404.13 Servicewater pressure-booster systems. Service water pressure-booster systems shall be designed and configured such that the following apply:
1. One or more pressure sensors shall be used to vary pump speed and/or start and stop pumps. The sensors shall either be located near the critical fixtures that determine the pressure required, or logic shall be employed that adjusts the setpoint to simulate operations of remote sensors.
2. No devices shall be installed for the purpose of reducing the pressure of all of the water supplied by any booster system pump or booster system, except for safety devices.
3. Booster system pumps shall not operate when there is no service water flow except to refill hydro-pneumatic tanks.
4. System pump motors 5.0 hp and greater shall be provided with variable flow capacity in accordance with Section C403.2.4.
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