PDFWAC 51-11C-40501

Section C405.1General.

C405.1 General. Lighting system controls, the maximum lighting power for interior and exterior applications, electrical energy consumption, vertical and horizontal transportation systems, and minimum efficiencies for motors and transformers shall comply with this section.
Sleeping units shall comply with Section C405.2.6, item 2 and Section C405.1.1 or Section C405.4.
General lighting shall consist of all lighting included when calculating the total connected interior lighting power in accordance with Section C405.4.1 and which does not require specific application controls in accordance with Section C405.2.5.
Lighting installed in walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, refrigerated warehouse coolers and refrigerated warehouse freezers shall comply with the lighting requirements of Section C410.2.
Transformers, uninterruptable power supplies, motors and electrical power processing equipment in data center systems shall comply with Section 8 of ASHRAE Standard 90.4 in addition to this code.
Energy using equipment used by a manufacturing, industrial or commercial process other than maintaining comfort and amenities for the occupants are exempt from all Section C405 subsections except Section C405.8. Data center and computer room HVAC equipment is not covered by this exemption.
C405.1.1 Lighting for dwelling and sleeping units. No less than 90 percent of the permanently installed lighting serving dwelling units or sleeping units, excluding kitchen appliance lighting, shall be provided by lamps with a minimum efficacy of 65 lumens per watt or luminaires with an efficacy of not less than 45 lumens per watt.
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