PDFWAC 51-11C-405024

Section C405.2.4Light-reduction controls.

C405.2.4 Light-reduction controls. Where not provided with occupant sensor controls complying with Section C405.2.1.1, general lighting shall be provided with light-reduction controls complying with Section C405.2.4.1.
1. Luminaires controlled by daylight responsive controls complying with Section C405.2.5.
2. Luminaires controlled by special application controls complying with Section C405.2.6.
3. Where provided with manual control, the following areas are not required to have light reduction control:
3.1. Spaces that have only one luminaire with a rated power of less than 60 watts.
3.2. Spaces that use less than 0.45 watts per square foot (4.9 W/m2).
3.3. Corridors, lobbies, electrical rooms and/or mechanical rooms.
C405.2.4.1 Light reduction control function.Manual controls shall be configured to provide light reduction control that allows the occupant to reduce the connected lighting load by not less than 50 percent in a reasonable uniform illumination pattern with an intermediate step in addition to full on or off, or with continuous dimming control, by using one of the following or another approved method:
1. Continuous dimming of all luminaires from full output to less than 20 percent of full power.
2. Switching all luminaires to a reduced output of not less than 30 percent and not more than 70 percent of full power.
3. Switching alternate rows of luminaires or alternate luminaires to achieve a reduced output of not less than 30 percent and not more than 70 percent of full power.
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