PDFWAC 51-11C-40803

Section C408.3Service water heating systems commissioning.

C408.3 Service water heating systems commissioning. Service water heating equipment and controls subject to Section C404 shall be included in the commissioning process required by Section C408.1. The commissioning process shall minimally include equipment and components installed to meet all energy code requirements for devices to "start," "automatically turn off," "automatically adjust," "limit operation," and "limit the temperature" and "be configured to."
C408.3.1 System testing. Functional performance testing shall demonstrate that heaters, piping, distribution systems, and system-to-system interfacing relationships are installed and operate in accordance with approved construction documents. Testing shall include the sequence of operation, and be conducted under at least 50 percent water heating load, part-load and the following conditions:
1. Normal operation;
2. Redundant or automatic back-up mode;
3. Performance of alarms; and
4. Mode of operation upon a loss of power and restoration of power.
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