PDFWAC 51-11C-40805

Section C408.6Metering system commissioning.

C408.6 Metering system commissioning. Energy metering systems required by Section C409 shall comply with Section C408.6 and be included in the commissioning process required by Section C408.1. The commissioning process shall include all energy metering equipment and controls required by Section C409.
C408.6.1 System testing. Functional performance testing shall demonstrate that energy source meters, end-use meters, data acquisition systems, and energy displays are installed and operate in accordance with approved construction documents. At a minimum, testing shall confirm that:
1. The metering system devices and components work properly under low and high load conditions.
2. The metered data is delivered in a format that is compatible with the data collection system.
3. The energy display is in a location with access to building operation and management personnel.
4. The energy display meets code requirements regarding views required in Section C409.4.3. The display shows energy data in identical units (e.g., kWh).
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