PDFWAC 51-11C-61031

Section A103.1General.

A103.1 General. The tables in this section list heat loss coefficients for the opaque portion of above-grade wood stud frame walls, metal stud frame walls and concrete masonry walls (Btu/h • ft2 • °F). They are derived from procedures listed in the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook. For intermediate floor slabs which penetrate the insulated wall, use the concrete wall U-factors in Table A103.3.7.1(1).
Insulation is assumed to uniformly fill the entire cavity and to be installed as per manufacturer's directions. All walls are assumed to be finished on the inside with 1/2 inch gypsum wallboard, and on the outside with either beveled wood siding over 1/2 inch plywood sheathing or with 5/8 inch T1-11 siding. Insulated sheathing (either interior or exterior) is assumed to cover the entire opaque wall surface, except where modified in accordance with footnote g to Table C402.1.3.
Metal building walls have a different construction and are addressed in Table A103.3.6.3.
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