PDFWAC 51-11R-40410

Section R404.1Lighting equipment.

R404.1 Lighting equipment. All permanently installed lighting fixtures, excluding kitchen appliance lighting fixtures, shall contain only high-efficacy lighting sources.
R404.1.1 Exterior lighting. Connected exterior lighting for residential buildings shall comply with Section C405.5.
Solar-powered lamps not connected to any electrical service.
R404.1.2 Fuel gas lighting equipment. Fuel gas lighting systems shall not have continuously burning pilot lights.
R404.2 Interior lighting controls. Permanently installed interior lighting fixtures shall be controlled with either a dimmer, an occupant sensor control, or other control that is installed or built into the fixture.
Lighting controls shall not be required for the following:
1. Bathrooms;
2. Hallways;
3. Lighting designed for safety or security.
R404.3 Exterior lighting controls. Where the total permanently installed exterior lighting power is greater than 30 watts, the permanently installed exterior lighting shall comply with the following:
1. Lighting shall be controlled by a manual on and off switch which permits automatic shut-off actions.
Lighting serving multiple dwelling units.
2. Lighting shall be automatically shut off when daylight is present and satisfies the lighting needs.
3. Controls that override automatic shut-off actions shall not be allowed unless the override automatically returns automatic control to its normal operation within 24 hours.
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