PDFWAC 51-11R-40620

Section R406.3Additional energy efficiency requirements.

R406.3 Additional energy efficiency requirements. Each dwelling unit in a residential building shall comply with sufficient options from Table R406.2 and R406.3 so as to achieve the following minimum number of credits:
Small Dwelling Unit:
5.0 credits
Dwelling units less than 1500 square feet in conditioned floor area with less than 300 square feet of fenestration area. Additions to existing building that are greater than 500 square feet of heated floor area but less than 1500 square feet.
Medium Dwelling Unit:
8.0 credits
All dwelling units that are not included in #1, #3, or #4.
Large Dwelling Unit:
9.0 credits
Dwelling units exceeding 5000 square feet of conditioned floor area.
Dwelling units serving Group R-2 occupancies. See Section R401.1 and residential building in Section R202 for Group R-2 scope.
6.5 credits
Additions 150 square feet to 500 square feet:
2.0 credits
The drawings included with the building permit application shall identify which options have been selected and the point value of each option, regardless of whether separate mechanical, plumbing, electrical, or other permits are utilized for the project.
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