PDFWAC 51-50-17090

Preconstruction load tests.

1709.5 Exterior window and door assemblies. The design pressure rating of exterior windows and doors in buildings shall be determined in accordance with Section 1709.5.1 or 1709.5.2. For exterior windows and doors tested in accordance with Section 1709.5.1 or 1709.5.2, required design wind pressures determined from ASCE 7 shall be permitted to be converted to allowable stress design by multiplying by 0.6.
1. Structural wind load design pressures for window or door assemblies other than the size tested in accordance with Section 1709.5.1 or 1709.5.2 shall be permitted to be different than the design value of the tested assembly, provided that such pressures are determined by accepted engineering analysis or validated by an additional test of the window or door assembly to the alternative allowable design pressure in accordance with Section 1709.5.2. Components of the alternate size assembly shall be the same as the tested or labeled assembly. Where engineering analysis is used, it shall be performed in accordance with the analysis procedures of AAMA 2502.
2. Custom exterior windows and doors manufactured by a small business shall be exempt from all testing requirements in Section 1709 of the International Building Code provided they meet the applicable provisions of Chapter 24 of the International Building Code.
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