PDFWAC 51-51-2300

Section M2301Solar thermal energy systems.

M2301.2.3 Pressure and temperature relief valves and system components. System components containing fluids shall be protected with temperature and pressure relief valves or pressure relief valves. Relief devices shall be installed in sections of the system so that a section cannot be valved off or isolated from a relief device. Direct systems and the potable water portion of indirect systems shall be equipped with a relief valve in accordance with Section 504 of the state plumbing code. For indirect systems, pressure relief valves in solar loops shall comply with SRCC 300. System components shall have a working pressure rating of not less than the setting of the pressure relief device.
M2301.2.5 Piping insulation. Piping shall be insulated in accordance with the requirements of the state energy code. Exterior insulation shall be protected from ultraviolet degradation. The entire solar loop shall be insulated. Where split-style insulation is used, the seam shall be sealed. Fittings shall be fully insulated.
M2301.4 Heat transfer gasses or liquids and heat exchangers. Essentially toxic transfer liquids, ethylene glycol, flammable gasses and flammable liquids shall not be used as heat transfer fluids. Heat transfer gasses and liquids shall be rated to withstand the system's maximum design temperature under operating conditions without degradation. Heat exchangers used in solar thermal systems shall comply with Section 603.5.4 of the state plumbing code and SRCC 300.
Heat transfer fluids shall be in accordance with SRCC 300. The flash point of the heat transfer fluids utilized in solar thermal systems shall be not less than 50 degrees F above the design maximum nonoperating or no-flow temperature attained by the fluid in the collector.
M2301.7 Solar thermal systems for heating potable water. Where a solar thermal system heats potable water to supply a potable hot water distribution system, the solar thermal system shall be in accordance with Sections M2301.7.1, M2301.7.2 and the state plumbing code.
M2301.7.1 Indirect systems. Heat exchangers that are components of indirect solar thermal heating systems shall comply with the state plumbing code.
M2301.7.2 Direct systems. Where potable water is directly heated by a solar thermal system, the pipe, fittings, valves and other components that are in contact with the potable water in the solar heating system shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 6 of the state plumbing code.
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