PDFWAC 51-51-60109

Appendix ZBuilding deconstruction.

The provisions contained in this appendix are not mandatory unless specifically referenced in the adopting ordinance.
AWZ101 General.
AWZ101.1 Purpose. The purpose of this section is to increase the amount of material salvaged for reuse through the act of deconstruction when a building or structure is demolished. Used sawn lumber is permitted to be reused in accordance with Section R602.1.1.1.
AWZ101.2 Scope. This section applies to existing dwellings, townhouses, and accessory structures permitted to be demolished that are greater than 750 square feet (69.68 m2) and meet one of the following:
1. The structure has been identified as a historic building; or
2. The structure was built 90, or more, years ago.
1. The structure is determined to be unsafe by the engineer of record;
2. The structure shall be relocated;
3. The engineer of record determines that 50 percent, by weight, of the material in the structure that is not concrete, is not suitable for reuse.
AWZ102 General definitions.
AWZ102.1 General. The following words and terms shall, for the purposes of this appendix, have the meanings shown herein. Refer to Chapter 2 of this code for general definitions.
Deconstruction. The systematic disassembly of a structure, in order to salvage building materials or components for the primary purpose of reusing materials to the maximum extent possible, with a secondary purpose of recycling the remaining materials.
Demolition. The process of razing, relocating, or removing an existing building or structure, or a portion thereof.
Heavy machinery. Heavy machinery includes, but is not limited to, track hoes, excavators, skid steer loaders, or forklifts.
Recycling. The process of transforming or remanufacturing waste materials into useable or marketable materials for use other than landfill disposal or incineration.
Reuse. The return of a material into the economic stream for use.
Salvage. The recovery of construction and demolition building material and components from a building or site in order to increase the reuse or repurpose potential of these materials and decrease the amount of material being sent to the landfill. Salvaged material may be sold, donated, or reused.
AWZ103 Deconstruction.
AWZ103.1 Deconstruction. Buildings and structures meeting the requirements of Section AZ101.2 shall be deconstructed.
AWZ103.2 Heavy machinery. Heavy machinery may not be used in deconstruction to remove or dismantle components of buildings and structures in ways that render the components unsuitable for salvage.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27.031 and 19.27.074. WSR 23-23-104, § 51-51-60109, filed 11/15/23, effective 3/16/24; WSR 23-02-058, 23-12-104, and 23-20-024, § 51-51-60109, filed 1/3/23, 6/7/23, and 9/25/23, effective 3/15/24.]