PDFWAC 51-54A-0406

Employee training and response procedures.

406.1 General. Employees in the occupancies listed in Section 403 shall be trained in the emergency procedures described in their emergency plans. Training shall be based on these plans and as described in Sections 406.2 through 406.3.5.
406.2 Frequency. Employees shall receive training in the contents of the emergency plans and their duties as part of new employee orientation and at least annually thereafter. Records shall be kept and made available to the fire code official upon request.
406.3 Employee training program. Employees shall be trained in fire prevention, evacuation, sheltering-in-place, and fire safety in accordance with Sections 406.3.1 through 406.3.5.
406.3.4 Emergency lockdown training. This section is not adopted.
406.3.5 Emergency shelter-in-place training. Where a facility has a shelter-in-place plan, employees shall be trained on the alert and recall signals, communication system, location of emergency supplies, the use of the incident notification and alarm system, and their assigned duties and procedures in the event of an alarm or emergency.
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