PDFWAC 51-54A-5706

Special operations.

5706.5.4.5 Commercial, industrial, governmental or manufacturing. Dispensing of Class II and III motor vehicle fuel from tank vehicles into the fuel tanks of motor vehicles located at commercial, industrial, governmental or manufacturing establishments is allowed where permitted, provided such dispensing operations are conducted in accordance with the following: (Those sections not noted here remain unchanged.)
12. Fuel delivery vehicles shall be equipped with spill clean-up supplies in accordance with the department of ecology's Source Control Best Management Practices. Such supplies shall be readily available for deployment by the operator at all times and include nonwater absorbents capable of absorbing 15 gallons (56.76 L) of diesel fuel, storm drain plug or cover kit, a nonwater absorbent containment boom of a minimum 10 foot long (3038 mm) length with a 12-gallon (45.41 L) absorbent capacity, a nonmetallic shovel, and two 5-gallon (19 L) buckets with lids.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27A.031, 19.27.074 and chapters 19.27 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 13-04-063, § 51-54A-5706, filed 2/1/13, effective 7/1/13.]