(Effective July 1, 2023)

PDFWAC 51-55-0700

Chapter 7Vegetation management plan.

User note:About this chapter: The purpose of this chapter is to provide criteria for submitting vegetation management plans, specifying their content and establishing a criterion for considering vegetation management as being a fuel modification.
701 General.
701.1 Scope. Vegetation management plans shall be submitted to the code official where required for review and approval as part of the plans required for a permit.
701.2 Plan content. Vegetation management plans shall describe all actions that will be taken to prevent a fire from being carried toward or away from the building. A vegetation management plan shall include the following information:
1. A copy of the site plan.
2. Methods and timetables for controlling, changing or modifying areas on the property. Elements of the plan shall include removal of slash, snags, vegetation that may grow into overhead electrical lines, other ground fuels, ladder fuels and dead trees, and the thinning of live trees.
3. A plan for maintaining the proposed fuel-reduction measures.
701.3 Fuel modification. To be considered a fuel modification for purposes of this code, continuous maintenance of the clearance is required.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27.031, 19.27.074, and 19.27.560. WSR 23-02-056, § 51-55-0700, filed 1/3/23, effective 7/1/23.]