PDFWAC 110-03-0190

Prehearing conference order.

(1) After the prehearing conference ends, the ALJ will serve a prehearing conference order describing:
(a) The decisions made or actions taken during the conference;
(b) Any changes to DCYF's or any other party's initial documents; and
(c) Any agreements reached.
(2) A party may object to the prehearing conference order by notifying the ALJ in writing within ten calendar days after the order is served. The ALJ must issue a ruling on the objection.
(3) If no objection is made to the prehearing conference order, the order will determine how the hearing will be conducted, including whether it will be in person or held by telephone conference or other means, unless the ALJ changes the order for good cause by subsequent order.
(4) Prehearing conference orders are not appealable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.220, 43.216.020, and 43.216.065. WSR 20-02-031, § 110-03-0190, filed 12/19/19, effective 1/19/20.]