PDFWAC 110-03-0320

Procedures at the hearing.

(1) At the hearing, the ALJ:
(a) Explains the rights of the parties;
(b) Marks and admits or rejects exhibits;
(c) Sustains or overrules objections made by the parties, as provided by law;
(d) Ensures that a record is made;
(e) Explains that a decision is mailed after the hearing; and
(f) Notifies the parties of appeal rights.
(2) The parties may:
(a) Make opening statements to explain the issues;
(b) Offer evidence to prove their positions, including oral or written statements of witnesses;
(c) Question the witnesses presented by the other parties; and
(d) Give closing arguments about what the evidence shows and what laws apply.
(3) The record is closed at the end of the hearing if the ALJ does not allow more time to offer evidence.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.220, 43.216.020, and 43.216.065. WSR 20-02-031, § 110-03-0320, filed 12/19/19, effective 1/19/20.]