PDFWAC 110-50-1030

What types of claims are specifically excluded from reimbursement?

The department specifically excludes the following from reimbursement:
(1) Claims resulting from giving alcoholic beverage or other illegal substance, including tobacco products, to a foster child or respite care child for whatever reason.
(2) Claims resulting from violation of any statute, ordinance, or regulation by the foster child or respite care child.
(3) Claims resulting from failure of the foster parent to give directions, instructions, or to provide proper or adequate supervision to the foster child or respite care child.
(4) Claims resulting from the sexual abuse, or licentious, immoral, or other sexual behavior between foster children and/or respite care children or initiated by a foster parent.
(5) Follow-up medical treatment expenses incurred by foster parents or their household member for a personal bodily injury sustained as a result of an action of the foster/respite care child.
(6) Claims for items which belong to the foster child or respite care child.
(7) Claims resulting from acts of foster children that occur while the child is on a temporary planned, unplanned, or voluntary absence from the foster home.
(8) Claims for lost wages.
(9) Claims for property damages, losses, and emergency medical treatment costs arising out of an act of the foster/respite child, with or without the permission of the foster parent, related to the ownership, operation, or maintenance of any owned motor vehicle, including surface, air, or water.
(10) Claims filed by any person other than the foster parent or their household member.
(11) Claims for unsubstantiated property damages or losses alleged to have been caused by the foster child or respite care child.
(12) Claims not received by the department's office of risk management (ORM) within a year after the date of occurrence, regardless of the reason for the delay in filing the claim.
(13) Property damages or loss of items that do not depreciate, including but not limited to antiques, heirlooms, jewelry, figurines, and coin collections.
[WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-50-1030, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.13.031. WSR 01-08-047, § 388-25-0355, filed 3/30/01, effective 4/30/01.]