PDFWAC 110-50-1100

What are the department's responsibilities for management of juvenile records?

The department must comply with the requirements of chapter 13.50 RCW for management of juvenile records. The department's responsibilities for management of those records are:
(1) To maintain accurate information and remove or correct false or inaccurate information;
(2) To take reasonable steps to ensure the security of records and to prevent tampering;
(3) To make every effort to ensure the completeness of records, including action taken by other agencies with respect to matters in its files; and
(4) To facilitate inquiries concerning access to records.
[WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-50-1100, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.13.031. WSR 01-08-047, § 388-25-0395, filed 3/30/01, effective 4/30/01.]