PDFWAC 110-147-1335

What additional steps must I complete prior to licensing?

(1) You must submit through the licensing provider portal a detailed written program description for LD approval. This description must outline:
(a) Your mission and goals;
(b) A description of the services you will provide to children and their families;
(c) Your written policies covering qualifications, duties, and on-going training for developing and upgrading staff skills; and
(d) A description of your agency's policies and procedures.
(2) You must have a site inspection by your LD licensor or someone designated by LD who can verify that your Washington state premises have:
(a) Adequate storage for staff and client files;
(b) A working telephone;
(c) Adequate space for privacy when interviewing parents or guardians and children;
(d) Room or area used for administrative purposes;
(e) Adequate space for visitation, if needed; and
(f) Your license must be clearly posted, if the inspection is for a renewal license.
(3) You and your staff are required to submit through the licensing provider portal a negative tuberculosis (TB) test or an X-ray, unless you have had a negative TB test in the previous 12 months. If there is a positive TB test, then the individual must submit a physician's statement identifying that there is no active TB or risk of contagion to children in care.
(a) We may grant an exception to the TB test, in consultation with a licensed health care provider.
(b) This exception would require a statement from a licensed health care provider (MD, DO, ND, PA or ARNP) indicating that a valid medical reason exists for not having a TB test.
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