PDFWAC 110-147-1400

What do I need to consider in making foster care placements?

(1) In planning a foster care placement for a child, you must consider:
(a) The child's basic right to their own home and family;
(b) Proximity to the child's birth parents, extended family and other supports;
(c) Each child's individual needs, including cultural, spiritual and religious background and family situation; and
(d) The wishes and participation of each child's parent(s).
(2) Every foster care placement that you facilitate must be based on well-planned, individual preparation of the child and the child's family. In emergency situations, you may place a child in a foster home prior to preparing the child and the child's family.
(3) A child may be placed in foster care only with the written consent of the child's parent(s), or a protective custody order, or under another court order. This consent or order must include approval for emergency medical care or surgery.
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