PDFWAC 110-147-1445

What are the qualifications of an executive director or administrator?

(1) You must have an executive director or administrator who is available telephonically during business hours and meets the qualification to:
(a) Manage the financial and administrative operations of the program;
(b) Comply with the licensing rules contained in this chapter providing for the health and safety of the children in your agency's care;
(c) Effectively communicate to the department the roles, expectations, and purposes of the program;
(d) Assume responsibility for safety of children in your agency; and
(e) Work with representatives of other agencies.
(2) An executive director or administrator must have:
(a) Appropriate education relevant to the specific program; and
(b) Four years of successful experience with similar duties and responsibilities for the administrative oversight, program and fiscal management of an agency.
[WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-147-1445, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: Chapters 13.34 and 74.13 RCW, RCW 74.15.030(2), 74.15.311(2), 74.13.032, 13.04.011, 74.13.020, 13.34.030, 74.13.031, 13.34.145, 74.15.311, 74.15.030, and 2013 c 105. WSR 15-01-069, § 388-147-1445, filed 12/11/14, effective 1/11/15.]