PDFWAC 110-147-1695

What must I include in an adoption home study?

(1) Your staff must complete an adoptive home study (preplacement report) with the participation of the applicant(s). Contact with the applicant must include a minimum of three in-person contacts that include:
(a) An individual interview with each applicant parent and with each member of the applicant's household, including children;
(b) A joint interview with the couple, if the family is a two parent household; and
(c) An on-site evaluation of the applicant's home and property.
(2) For the study, your staff must gather information about and assess the following:
(a) The suitability and fitness of the applicant(s) to be adoptive parent(s), including completed background checks of the applicant(s); and
(b) Identification of child characteristics for which the applicant or applicants are best suited.
(3) As required in RCW 26.33.190(2), you must document that your agency discussed with the applicant(s) the following:
(a) The concept of adoption as a lifelong developmental process and commitment;
(b) Relevance of the child's relationship with siblings and the potential benefit to the child for providing for continuing relationship and contact between the child and known siblings;
(c) Disclosure of the fact of the adoption to the child;
(d) The child's possible questions about birth parents and relatives;
(e) Potential for the child to have feelings of identity confusion and loss regarding separation from the birth parents; and
(f) The relevance of a child's racial, ethnic and cultural heritage.
(4) The home study must identify the sources for the information gathered, and include the elements in subsection (1) through (3) in this section as well as the following:
(a) A background check as required in RCW 26.33.190(3) that includes the examination of state and federal criminal history check(s) and child abuse and neglect check(s);
(b) Whether the applicant previously applied for an adoption home study from any entity, review of the completed home studies and the outcome of the application(s); and
(c) References gathered throughout the assessment process, including references from each of the applicant's adult children or documentation of your diligent efforts to contact the adult children. A minimum of three references, with no more than one relative, are required.
(5) A supervisor must sign for approval and denial of the adoption home study.
(6) Your staff must reevaluate the applicant(s) suitability for adopting a child each time an adoptive placement is considered.
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