PDFWAC 110-148-1326

Can I get a license to care for a specific child, and what are the requirements?

(1) Pursuant to RCW 74.15.125(7), the department may issue a child-specific license to relatives or suitable persons, as defined in RCW 13.36.020, to provide foster care services to a specified child and that child's siblings or relatives in the department's care and authority.
(a) These placements are at the discretion of the department.
(b) Licensees under this section may only receive placement of one or more specific children identified prior to the issuance of a license.
(2) The department must reassess licenses issued under this section when licensees want to:
(a) Add a child to their child specific license and that child was not identified prior to licensure; or
(b) Receive a general foster family home license.
(3) Reassessment under subsection (2) of this section may require licensees to give up their current child specific licenses, complete new or additional training, or submit new licensing applications as a condition of receiving new or different licenses.
(4) Licensees under this section must meet the licensing requirements detailed in RCW 74.15.030(2) and this chapter.
(5) A child-specific license does not grant licensees the right to:
(a) Have a specific child placed in their care; or
(b) Be a party in any juvenile court proceeding under chapter 13.34 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.125 (7)(b). WSR 22-16-028, § 110-148-1326, filed 7/25/22, effective 8/25/22.]