PDFWAC 110-148-1465

What other emergency fire and safety requirements must I follow to become licensed?

(1) You must observe all state and local fire codes (WAC 212-12-005). We will determine that reasonable fire safety standards exist in your home based on the children placed in your home.
(2) Children must be able to escape from every floor in your home. In most cases, this includes a functional fire ladder available from upper stories.
(3) Windows must open to the outside and be large enough for a rescue person to enter and exit wearing rescue gear, unless the building or structure was previously approved by the local fire marshal or building official with jurisdiction.
(4) You must have easy access to all rooms in your home in case of emergency.
(5) We may require you to have an inspection by WSP/FPB or the local fire authority if we have questions about fire safety, or if local ordinances or WSP/FPB require these inspections.
(6) Your home must have smoke detectors in operating condition both inside and outside of all sleeping areas. Smoke detectors must also be installed on each story of the home, in all play areas, and in the basement. You must install and maintain smoke detectors according to manufacturer's specifications.
(7) You must have at least one carbon monoxide detector on each level of occupancy in the home and at least one near each sleeping area.
(8) You must have at least one approved 2A10BC-rated five pound or larger all-purpose fire extinguisher readily available at all times. You must maintain and service fire extinguishers according to manufacturer's specifications.
(9) Barriers are required for fireplaces, wood stoves, and other heating systems if you are licensed for children less than six years of age. You must not leave open-flame devices unattended or use them incorrectly.
(10) Emergency vehicles must be able to access your home. Your address must be clearly visible on your home or mailbox so that emergency personnel can easily find your home.
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