PDFWAC 110-148-1530

May children participate in everyday activities under my care?

(1) You may decide what family or community activities are appropriate for foster children. These activities must be appropriately supervised and may not interfere with visitation with the child's parents or guardians.
(2) Children may participate in family, community or friend social activities, organized sports activities, or field trips. Overnight stays over 72 hours requires DCYF caseworker approval. Any activities requiring travel must comply with WAC 110-148-1435.
(3) All high-risk activities, including the use of power driven machines or other hazardous equipment, must be properly supervised by an adult. When participating in high-risk activities, children must:
(a) Be instructed on, and required to use appropriate safety equipment, such as helmets and life vests; and
(b) Be in continuous visual or auditory range at all times, unless approved by the child's DCYF caseworker.
(4) It may be appropriate for some children to obtain employment when:
(a) Laws regarding minors working are followed; and
(b) The child's work does not interfere with school.
(5) Youth may obtain a driver's license if you agree to act as the "parent or guardian" for the purposes of the Intermediate Driver's License Law. If you act in this capacity for a youth in out-of-home care who is placed in your home, you will also be responsible for the youth's insurance until the youth leaves your home or ages out of care, or if you choose to cancel the youth's insurance. If you choose to cancel the youth's insurance, you must notify the youth's DCYF caseworker at least five days before the cancellation becomes effective.
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