PDFWAC 110-148-1550

What medical and dental care must I provide to children?

(1) You must ensure that children receive appropriate medical and dental care.
(2) You must make sure children have routine medical, dental, and vision care, and receive transportation to and from these scheduled appointments.
(3) You must arrange for an early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment (EPSDT) exam, also referred to as the well child exam (WCE), for children who are in your care for more than 30 days, if that child has not had an EPSDT exam in the 30 days prior to entering out-of-home care, except for children placed by DDA through a voluntary placement agreement. For children placed by DDA, follow the direction of DDA regarding the need for an EPSDT exam after placement. In addition, you must ensure that each child in your care completes regular EPSDT exams according to the EPSDT examination periodicity schedule: First exam by one month of age, then at two, four, six, nine, 12, 15, 18, and 24 months. Exams must be scheduled annually after 24 months of age.
(4) You must obtain and follow instructions from the child's medical provider if you give medication or treatment and use medications as prescribed per the medication label. Prescription or over-the-counter medications must be clearly labeled.
(5) You must make plans to respond to illness and emergencies, including serious injuries and contact with toxic or poisonous substances.
(6) You must immediately call 911 in a life-threatening emergency and notify:
(a) The child's DCYF caseworker or CPA case manager and child's tribal ICW case manager; and
(b) Your licensor.
(7) You must have first-aid supplies available in your home including:
(a) Protective nonlatex gloves:
(b) Bandages;
(c) Scissors and tweezers;
(d) Ace bandage;
(e) Gauze; and
(f) Nonbreakable and mercury free thermometer.
(8) One-way resuscitation masks are recommended but not required.
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