PDFWAC 110-150-0080

What specific areas must be included in the comprehensive health and safety review?

(1) In conducting a comprehensive health and safety review of the school, the department must review the DCYF's case and electronic records for any CA/N referrals and the disposition of the investigations.
(2) The reviewers must:
(a) Examine the residential facilities for health and safety (a specific list of elements for review are outlined in WAC 110-150-0140);
(b) Develop appropriate questionnaires or survey tools for interviews;
(c) Conduct interviews of staff, students, parent, teacher, and community stakeholders for concerns of student health and safety at the school;
(d) Review facility logs, including incident reports and daily shift logs;
(e) Review medication policies, including documentation of medicine disbursement when and by whom;
(f) Review admissions and expulsion policies for compliance with RCW 72.40.040;
(g) Review staff coverage policies for compliance with RCW 72.40.240 and 72.40.270;
(h) Review behavior management policy for compliance with RCW 72.40.220, including a description of the de-escalation techniques used with different ages or developmental levels of students;
(i) Review employee/volunteer supervision policies for compliance with RCW 72.40.250;
(j) Review policies for protecting students from abuse or neglect policies for compliance with RCW 72.40.250;
(k) Review any corrective action plans including implementing the written plan of action to assure health and safety and prevention of abuse or neglect incidents as directed in RCW 72.40.250;
(l) Review the documentation of awareness and prevention training of staff for compliance with RCW 72.40.230 and 72.40.260; and
(m) Sample criminal history and CA/N checks of school employees for compliance with the school's criminal history inquiry and FBI fingerprinting process.
[Statutory Authority: 2017 c 6. WSR 20-04-019, § 110-150-0080, filed 1/27/20, effective 2/27/20. WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-150-0080, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.15.030 and 74.20.280. WSR 03-04-013, § 388-180-0170, filed 1/24/03, effective 3/1/03.]