PDFWAC 110-710-0005


"Administration" means activities and costs necessary for management and support of a consolidated juvenile services program.
"Application" means the document requesting state funds for specific projects under the consolidated juvenile services program.
"Community input" means information received from local entities which must include, unless impracticable: Providers, judges, law enforcement, juvenile court staff, social service agencies, schools, tribes, organizations representing communities of color, as well as other persons with an interest in juvenile justice. An existing advisory group, committee, or public forum may be used to gather input provided such groups include representation from the entities listed above.
"Director" means the director of the division of community programs/juvenile rehabilitation administration or his or her designee.
"Division" means the division of community programs of the juvenile rehabilitation administration.
"Outcome" means specific changes in the lives of youth and families which lead to a decrease in recidivism.
"Participating county" means a county or counties applying under this chapter.
"Program administrator" or "administrator" means the person designated to administer the consolidated juvenile services program in the juvenile court.
"Project" means a specific intervention or program performed as a part of consolidated juvenile services.
"Project supervisor" or "supervisor" means a person designated to supervise a project or projects in the consolidated juvenile services program.
"Regional administrator" means the regional administrator of one of the division's six administrative regions, or his or her designee.
[WSR 19-14-079, recodified as § 110-710-0005, filed 7/1/19, effective 7/1/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 13.06.030. WSR 00-16-032, § 388-710-0005, filed 7/24/00, effective 8/24/00.]