PDFWAC 110-710-0025


(1) Administrators and supervisors are responsible for the implementation of the program and the accomplishment of stated activities and outcomes.
(2) Administrators or supervisors must meet at least annually with the regional administrator to review progress toward the achievement of outcomes.
(3) Case records and management information.
(a) Juvenile offender records must minimally contain a case plan, based upon assessed factors related to risk to reoffend, methods of intervention and a termination/closing report summarizing case activity and outcomes.
(b) The provisions of chapter 13.50 RCW pertaining to the maintenance and confidentiality of social and legal information apply to all programs and projects covered under this chapter.
(c) Administrators and/or supervisors must provide necessary statistical data to maintain the division's management information system and must maintain sufficient data to evaluate program effectiveness and outcomes.
(4) Change in project.
(a) Modification of a project requires the advance written approval of the regional administrator.
(b) The administrator must send written notification to the regional administrator prior to the movement of funds between programs. The regional administrator must confirm in writing all notifications received.
(c) Contract amendments must be processed through the juvenile rehabilitation administration regional office and are necessary when:
(i) Total contract budget amounts are increased or decreased;
(ii) A project is added or deleted;
(iii) The total number of full-time employees in the consolidated programs increases from the original contract number.
(5) Each participating county must ensure program staff receive training necessary to implement programs covered under this chapter.
[WSR 19-14-079, recodified as § 110-710-0025, filed 7/1/19, effective 7/1/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 13.06.030. WSR 00-16-032, § 388-710-0025, filed 7/24/00, effective 8/24/00.]