PDFWAC 132B-128-010

General statement of policy.

In accordance with the provisions of sections 32 through 45, chapter 283, Laws of 1969 ex. sess., as amended by chapter 5, Laws of 1970 ex. sess., the following procedures for tenure at Community College District No. 2 will be implemented as of January 29, 1973. These procedures supersede the previously adopted tenure regulations, Grays Harbor College. Granting of tenure should be the rule, not the exception; if denial of tenure becomes the rule, the hiring practices of the college shall be reevaluated.
Tenure policy statement. The only difference between a nontenured and a tenured faculty member is that the latter is evaluated periodically for the purpose of improving services and instruction and the former is evaluated regularly for the additional purpose of granting tenure. The dean of instruction shall hold an election and select a tenure review committee which will interview and evaluate the probationer and will make recommendations to the board of trustees regarding the professional qualifications of the nontenured faculty member.
It shall be the policy of Community College District No. 2 that the board of trustees, on the recommendation of the tenure review committee which has interviewed and evaluated the probationer, may grant tenure at any time between the assumption of his faculty position and the end of the three year probationary period, except that compelling reasons must be shown for the award of tenure prior to the third year of probation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13). WSR 79-08-129 (Order 79-1, Resolution No. 11-79), § 132B-128-010, filed 8/1/79; Order, § 132B-128-010, filed 3/28/73.]