PDFWAC 132B-128-020


Faculty appointment - Full-time employment as a teacher, counselor, librarian or other position for which the training, experience and responsibilities are comparable as determined by the appointing authority, except administrative appointments; "faculty appointment" shall mean department heads, division heads and administrators to the extent that such department heads, division heads or administrators have had or do have status as a teacher, counselor, or librarian.
Full-time position - One in which the faculty member receives a contract labeled full-time and works a regular load of his division or area for any three complete quarters in one calendar year. Only special circumstances, which shall be described in writing, will permit the faculty member to work less than a regular load and retain a full-time contract.
Dismissal review committee - A committee to hear dismissal cases shall be composed of a member of the administrative staff, a student representative, and members of the teaching faculty. The representatives of the teaching faculty shall represent a majority of the members on each review committee. The members representing the teaching faculty on each review committee shall be selected by a majority of the teaching faculty and faculty division heads acting in a body as specified by the dismissal policy.
Faculty peer - One who holds a faculty appointment.
Probationer - Any individual holding a probationary faculty appointment.
Probationary faculty appointment - A faculty appointment for a designated period of time which may be terminated without sufficient cause upon expiration of the probationer's terms of employment.
Tenure - A faculty appointment for an indefinite period of time which may be revoked only for sufficient cause and by due process.
Tenure review committee - A committee composed of the probationer's faculty peers, a student representative, and a member of the administrative staff of the community college provided that the majority of the committee shall consist of the probationer's faculty peers and that the faculty members be elected as specified by the tenure policy by a majority of the faculty members.
Appointing authority - Shall mean the board of trustees of Community College District No. 2.
Administrative appointment - Shall mean employment in a specific administrative position as determined by the appointing authority.
Administrative position - For purposes of this document, the following positions are considered administrative positions at Grays Harbor College: President, dean of instruction, dean of administration, associate dean for student affairs, associate dean for admissions and records, associate dean for vocational education, associate dean for continuing education, assistant dean of administration, assistant dean for library and media services, coordinator of basic education, coordinator of continuing education, coordinator of child and family studies, coordinator of women's resources center, coordinator of financial aids and veterans affairs, and coordinator of student programs.
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