PDFWAC 132B-128-030

Procedure for granting tenure.

(1) Selection of the tenure review committee -
(a) A tenure review committee shall be established for each probationer. The committee shall be responsible for the probationer until he is either granted tenure or is no longer employed within Community College District No. 2. If a vacancy occurs during the terms of service of the tenure review committee members, the dean of instruction will call a special election within two weeks to fill that position.
(b) The dean of instruction shall be responsible for the establishment of each tenure review committee, which shall normally begin functioning no later than four weeks after the day that the probationer has begun his faculty duties.
(c) Each tenure review committee shall be composed of five members. There shall be automatic nomination of the appropriate division chairman to position number one. One faculty member shall be nominated by the probationer to position number two. After these nominations are made, the dean of instruction shall call an all-faculty meeting at which faculty members shall nominate one or more faculty members for position number three and may nominate faculty members for positions one and two. A vote shall be taken and the nominee receiving a majority vote for a particular position shall be elected. If no candidate for a particular position receives a majority vote, a run-off election shall be held within five days between the two candidates receiving the largest number of votes. A student representative, who shall be a full-time student, shall be appointed by Grays Harbor College student council to position number four. The president of the college shall appoint a member to position number five.
(2) Evaluation of the probationer -
If the probationer disagrees with the tenure review committee's recommendation, he shall be given an opportunity to challenge it before the college president.
(3) Final action on tenure -
(a) The final decision to award or withhold tenure shall rest with the board of trustees (appointing authority) after it has given reasonable consideration to the recommendations of the tenure review committee, and reasonable consideration to the recommendation of the college president. Any recommendations of the tenure review committee and the president shall be advisory only and not binding upon the board of trustees (appointing authority).
(b) If the probationer is not to be retained, he must be informed no later than the last day of winter quarter.
(c) If the probationer is dismissed prior to the termination of his contract, his case shall be considered by the dismissal review committee in accordance with the laws of the state of Washington and the dismissal policy of Community College District No. 2.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13). WSR 79-08-129 (Order 79-1, Resolution No. 11-79), § 132B-128-030, filed 8/1/79; Order, § 132B-128-030, filed 3/28/73.]