PDFWAC 132B-128-100

Academic employee reduction procedure.

If an academic employee with a full-time faculty appointment is to be laid off for program termination or reduction, decreases in enrollment, changes in educational policy or substantial evidence of a serious shortage of funds, the Grays Harbor College policies and procedures for tenure and dismissal will be utilized and the following criteria and procedures will be used:
(1) The president, with consultation from his administrative staff, will review the nature of the problem facing the college. If the president determines that reductions in staff are or will be necessary in the near future, he will give notice of the potential reductions to the recognized academic employee organization. The notice which the president gives to the recognized academic employee organization shall include:
(a) The reasons for the proposed reductions in force;
(b) The number of academic employees to be considered for layoff.
(2) The recognized academic employee organization will then have the right to meet with the president who shall fully document the need for such reductions in staff. The president shall present and explain the major criteria to be used to identify those to be laid off. If any courses currently in the curriculum are expected to be eliminated, he shall identify those courses and explain why they have been judged not to be the most necessary course offerings to maintain the best possible quality educational opportunities at Grays Harbor College.
(3) The need for a reduction in force will be determined on the basis of the need for reduction in each division of Grays Harbor College.
(4) The divisions at Grays Harbor College, for purposes of this document, shall be business administration, English-speech, health and physical education, humanities, life sciences, physical science and mathematics, social science, vocational-technical, administration, library, and student services.
(5) Within a reasonable time after the start of the fall quarter of each year, the dean of instruction, with advice from the appropriate division chairman, shall assign each academic employee to a division. An academic employee may not be a member of more than one division. (If this code is passed during the school year, the dean of instruction shall assign the academic employees to their respective divisions within a reasonable period of time after passage of this code.)
(6) If the number of academic employees is to be reduced, the president, with advice from the dean of instruction and division chairmen, shall decide in the case of each affected division what course offerings and/or other services are most necessary to maintain quality education at Grays Harbor College. The president shall consider but not be limited to the following factors:
(a) The enrollment and the trends in enrollment for not less than four consecutive quarters, if applicable, and their effect upon each division;
(b) The goals and objectives of Grays Harbor College and the state board for community college education;
(c) Information concerning faculty and administrative vacancies occurring through retirement, resignation, sabbaticals and leaves of absence.
(7) Those duties associated with the course offerings and/or other services determined to be most necessary at Grays Harbor College will be considered needed duties of an academic employee.
(8) The president's determination of the most necessary course offerings and/or other services is not subject to review by the dismissal review committee.
(9) If a reduction is necessary within a division, the following order of layoff will be utilized provided there are qualified academic employees to replace and perform all the needed duties of the academic employees to be laid off: First, part-time academic employees; second, probationary appointees with the least seniority; third, full-time tenured academic employees with the least seniority.
(10) Seniority shall be determined by establishing the date of the signing of the first full-time contract for the most recent period of continuous full-time professional service for Grays Harbor College which shall include leaves of absence, sabbatical leaves, and periods of layoffs. (This shall include professional services for the Aberdeen School District No. 5 prior to July 1, 1967, if assigned to Grays Harbor College.) The longest terms of employment as thus established shall be considered the highest level of seniority. In instances where academic employees have the same beginning date of full-time professional services, seniority shall be determined in the following order:
(a) First date of the signature of a letter of intent to accept employment;
(b) First date of application for employment.
(11) An academic employee shall be qualified to instruct courses which the president, with advice from the dean of instruction and the appropriate division chairman, determines the academic employee is qualified to instruct. The president's determination of what duties an academic employee is qualified to perform is not subject to review by the dismissal review committee.
(12) A full-time tenured academic employee whose contract was not renewed as a result of this academic employee staff reduction procedure has a right to recall to any teaching position, either a newly created one or a vacancy, providing he is qualified as determined by the college president. The recall shall be in reversed seniority, the most senior first. The right of recall shall extend three years from the date of layoff. Full-time tenured academic employees who have been laid off will retain all accrued benefits, such as sick leave and seniority. Upon recall they shall be placed at least at the next higher increment on the salary schedule than at the time of layoff and will retain their tenured status.
[Order, § 132B-128-100, filed 3/28/73.]