PDFWAC 132F-121-010

Definitions and general provisions.

For purposes of this chapter, except for the Title IX supplemental procedures, the following definitions apply. The definition of "consent," however, will apply to the whole chapter.
(1) The terms "college" and "campus" are used interchangeably, and each refers to any of the district's three colleges, North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, and South Seattle College.
(2) "Day" means calendar day, unless specified otherwise, and deadlines shall be computed in accordance with WAC 10-08-080.
(3) "District" means the sixth state college district, the district administrative offices (Siegal Center), North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, South Seattle College, and/or every other District VI educational facility, each separately and all together.
(4) "District community" includes, but is not limited to, the district itself and all enrolled students, employees, officers, and invitees of the district.
(5) "District property" includes all real property, buildings, and other facilities that are owned, leased, or controlled by the district or by the state for district purposes.
(6) "Vice president for student services" means the person whom a college president has appointed to that position or has otherwise designated to perform the functions ascribed to that position in this chapter.
(7) An action or activity that may be authorized or taken by the district chancellor, a vice chancellor, a campus president, or a campus vice president may also be authorized or taken by any other person whom that officer has specifically designated to perform that function on their behalf, but this officer retains responsibility for the function.
(8) After the adoption of these rules, if a statute or rule to which they refer is renumbered or otherwise amended, these rules shall be interpreted to the fullest extent possible to incorporate such amendment while still giving effect to their original purposes.
(9) Service of any document, notice, or copy under this chapter shall be made (a) by personal delivery, (b) by mailing to the recipient's last known address, which service shall be regarded as complete upon deposit in the U.S. mail properly stamped and addressed, or (c) as otherwise authorized by law or rule.
(10) The term "student" includes all persons taking courses at the district, either full-time or part-time. Persons who withdraw after allegedly violating the student code, who are not officially enrolled for a particular term but who have a continuing relationship with the district, or who have been notified of their acceptance for admission are considered "students" as are persons who are living in district resident halls, although not enrolled at the district.
(11) The term "student group" is a student organization, athletic team, or living group including, but not limited to, student clubs and organizations, members of a class or student cohort, student performance groups, and student living groups within student housing.
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