PDFWAC 132F-121-030

Student organizations.

(1) Student organizations may be established and recognized whether their aims are educational, cultural, recreational, social, athletic, religious, political, or economic. Affiliation with an external organization shall not in and of itself disqualify a campus-based student organization from recognition. Membership in a student organization shall be open to any student who subscribes to the stated aims of the organization. To operate as such, a student organization must be recognized by the approved student government organization. The student organization shall abide by all governing federal and state laws and district and campus rules, policies and procedures.
(2) A college may require, as a condition of access to campus funds and/or facilities, demonstration or proof of the student enrollments of a student organization's members. However, any list of members compiled for such purposes shall not be publicly disclosed except in accordance with applicable law. A college may, in its discretion, permit others, such as students' spouses, to participate in a student organization's activities under appropriate conditions.
(3) Each year, before a student organization may be recognized or function as such, or may use services and activities funds, a college employee must be identified to serve as its advisor and their name must be approved by the vice president for student services or designee.
(4) Where funds are allocated to a student organization, financial accountability is required. Student organizations' funds shall be maintained at the college, in college accounts. The organizations shall keep detailed written records of their income and expenditures and shall assure that these can be reconciled with the campus budget and accounting system. Student organizations' financial records must be made available upon request to the student government organization and to any administrative officer designated by the college president.
(5) A college president may withdraw a student organization's recognition and funding for good cause. Such cause shall include, but not be limited to, (a) failure to comply with this rule or other district requirements or (b) hazing.
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