PDFWAC 132F-121-130

Disciplinary jurisdiction.

In addition to initiating discipline proceedings for violation of the student conduct code, the college may refer any violations of federal, state, or local laws to civil and criminal authorities for disposition. The college shall proceed with student disciplinary proceedings regardless of whether the underlying conduct is subject to civil or criminal prosecution.
(1) The student conduct code shall apply to conduct by students and student groups that occurs:
(a) On college premises; or
(b) At or in connection with college-sponsored activities; or
(c) To off-campus conduct that in the judgment of the college adversely affects the college community or the pursuit of its objectives.
(2) Jurisdiction extends to, but is not limited to, locations in which students or student groups are engaged in official college activities including, but not limited to, foreign or domestic travel, activities funded by the associated students, athletic events, training internships, cooperative and distance education, online education, practicums, supervised work experiences or any other college-sanctioned social or club activities and college-sanctioned housing.
(3) Students are responsible for their conduct from notification of admission to the college through the actual receipt of a certificate or degree, even though conduct may occur before classes begin or after classes end, as well as during the academic year and during periods between terms of actual enrollment.
(4) These standards shall apply to a student's conduct even if the student withdraws from college while a disciplinary matter is pending.
(5) The student conduct officer has sole discretion, on a case-by-case basis, to determine whether the student conduct code will be applied to conduct by students or student groups that occurs off-campus.
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