PDFWAC 132F-121-150

Vice president's review and action.

(1) After conducting such initial investigation of possible misconduct as she/he deems appropriate, the vice president for student services or designee shall meet, or make a reasonable effort to meet, with the subject student. At that meeting, or if there is no meeting in a document served on the student, the vice president shall describe the complaint and/or information that has been received and identify the rule violations that appear to have occurred. In order that any informality not mislead the student as to the seriousness of the matter, the vice president shall also inform the student of the sanction(s) that may be imposed for the alleged misconduct. The vice president shall give the student an opportunity to respond to the allegations before a disciplinary decision is made.
(2) After considering the information that has been obtained through investigation and/or from the student, the vice president may take any of the following actions:
(a) Terminate the proceeding, exonerating the student;
(b) Give any appropriate counseling or advice and then terminate the proceeding;
(c) Impose disciplinary sanction(s), subject to any right of appeal as described herein; or
(d) Refer the matter to the student conduct committee for such action as it deems appropriate. Such referral shall be in writing, to the attention of the committee chair, with a copy served on the student.
(3) A "respondent" as referred to hereinafter is a student upon whom a disciplinary sanction has been imposed or whose case has been referred to the student conduct committee.
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