PDFWAC 132F-121-170

Appeals and referrals generally.

(1) Except as otherwise provided herein, a respondent who has received notice of disciplinary sanction(s) imposed by the vice president for student services may appeal such sanction(s) by filing a written notice of appeal with that officer within ten days. The notice of appeal may include any statement that the respondent wishes to make of the grounds for their appeal.
(2) If the vice president has referred the matter to the student conduct committee for action, no appeal is required, but the student may file a written response with the vice president within twenty days of service of that referral.
(3) Except for conduct matters referred for brief adjudicative proceedings, the vice president shall promptly transmit any notice of appeal or response to referral, together with a copy of any notification of discipline, to the chair of the student conduct committee, described below. The vice president should serve a copy of that transmittal on the respondent.
(4) Except through a summary suspension under WAC 132F-121-250, a respondent's enrollment status and rights as an enrolled student shall not be altered, on the basis of a disciplinary sanction imposed by the vice president, until (a) the appeal period has run without a proper appeal being filed or (b) if there is an appeal, either that appeal has been withdrawn or the final order has been entered.
(5) If a respondent files a timely appeal of a probation or suspension that includes restrictions on contacts, communications, or campus access, the vice president will ordinarily modify those restrictions as necessary to facilitate the respondent's preparation for the hearing.
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