PDFWAC 132F-164-100

Miscellaneous procedures for soliciting of bids.

(1) Bid time. Normally, fourteen calendar days will be allowed from the date of mailing to the bid opening date. The time for opening bids will be set by the district. No telephonic or telegraphic bids will be accepted unless noted on the bid form.
(2) The bid envelope or label provided by the district will be used. If it is not used, the required information shall be recorded on the face of the envelope by the bidder to ensure proper handling within the purchasing department.
(3) Bidders may request modification to bid specifications at any time prior to bid opening. Acceptance by purchaser of modification shall take the form of addenda issued to all bidders.
(4) Addendum to bids. If it becomes necessary to make changes in quantities, specifications, delivery schedule, opening date, etc., or to correct, such changes shall be accomplished by an addendum and all individuals receiving the original bid shall be notified. Before issuing an addendum to a bid, the time remaining until bid opening must be reviewed, and if insufficient time exists, the bid opening date will be extended.
(5) Any information given to a single prospective bidder which amends the terms and conditions of the bid shall be furnished promptly to all prospective bidders.
(6) No bid bond in the form of cash will be accepted.
[Order 11, § 132F-164-100, filed 4/19/73.]