PDFWAC 132H-108-450

Brief adjudicative procedures.

This rule is adopted in accordance with RCW 34.95.482-494 [34.05.482-494], the provisions of which are hereby adopted. Brief adjudicative procedures shall be used in all matters related to:
(1) Residency determinations made pursuant to RCW 28B.15.013, conducted by the admissions office;
(2) Disputes concerning educational records;
(3) Student conduct proceedings. The procedural rules in chapter 132H-200 WAC apply to these procedures.
(4) Parking violations. The procedural rules in chapter 132H-116 WAC apply to these proceedings;
(5) Outstanding debts owed by students or employees;
(6) Loss of eligibility for participation in institution-sponsored athletic events, pursuant to chapter 132H-400 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140. WSR 90-09-066 (Order 102, Resolution No. 189), § 132H-108-450, filed 4/18/90, effective 5/19/90.]